Optimized websites development

Often the choice of a contractor to develop the site ends when the site first layout is made. But after the site is created, a submerged part of the iceberg appears - internal structure and optimization, which provides site interaction with the search engines and helps to lead the targeted visitors from Google, Yahoo and other engines.
We offer already optimized sites development with structure and functions that will be suitable for your niche, range and other features.
If you already have a contractor to develop the site or have staff programmers, we can offer a management of the development, in the terms of search engine optimization. Such cooperation will ensure the site readiness for the external promotion and traffic attraction after its launch, without additional work.
For the working projects we propose the development of special modules and plugins to increase the number of targeted visitors from search engines.
For existing projects, we provide:
- Integration with news services (Google News, Yahoo News and others);
- Web analytics installation and configuration;
- HTML markup schemas integration;
- Advanced snippets configure;
- Social networks integration (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

The total client traffic per night: