SEO Audit

SEO audit is a set of actions that help to examine both internal and external factors influencing the website ranking in search results.

Why do you need SEO audit?

  • You have difficulties with TOP position taking, visitor attraction, sales.
  • You need to understand the current situation, how effective your website promotion is and if there is potential for its growth.
  • You faced a specific problem (your website fell out of the index, the traffic is down etc.).
  • You have a new website and need some recommendations on its optimization and further improvement.

What are we going to do? What does the audit include?

  • Analysis of all the internal factors and their correspondence with the current search engine requirements (the website structure, interlinking, content, meta tags, technical setups are examined).
  • Analysis of the website in the search engine index.
  • Analysis of the external factors connected with the website.
  • Analysis of the competitors’ websites and the whole competition process within the topic and region.
  • Analysis of the commercial ranking factors.

What will you get after the audit completion?

  • The detailed picture of the situation, of how competitive your website is, what visibility share it takes, what technical problems and deficiencies exist.
  • Specific tasks on internal optimization: what should be done and where (for software engineers, content developers, and marketing experts).
  • Recommendations on the further external factor development.
  • Recommendations on the website improvement and expansion.

All the audits are done individually! No vacuity and ordinary reports from online services. All on point and regarding your website!


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