Web Analytics

Web analytics helps to see how the website is ranked in search engines, if it is visible while searching and considered to be authoritative. The internal data analysis allows examining the visitor performance and giving answers to such questions as: which website sections are the most popular, how much one visitor making a purchase costs, where the visitors come from, what channel is the most efficient, and in what way the visitors interact with the website.

Our services include:

  • Web analytics system installation and setup
  • Target and tag development and setup, preparation of reports on the data needed
  • External web analytics (visibility, website authority, promotion prospects)
  • General SEO audit
  • Usability audit
  • Commercial analytics (determination of a visitor attraction, target action, and selling cost and other indicators important for the website monetization and sales)
  • Analysis of competition within the sphere and region
  • Assessment of the visitor attraction channel effectiveness
  • Examination of other data needed for your business
  • Website cost calculation.

The total client traffic per night: